Thursday, October 30, 2008

Best Seats in the House for Obama Drama

Can you feel it mounting ... the excitement leading up the to US election? It's hard to put your finger on it, but you can just feel the winds of change blowing over the country -- and not just in America. I think Canadians are enjoying a view not unlike that from a theatre box -perched nicely up high to the left, unnoticed by most, but with a bird's eye view of the scene being played out below. We applaud when we are moved and sigh in disappointment when we are not. Regardless - we are captive voyeurs of the drama and potentially history-making politics being played out south of our borders.

I can't speak for all Canadians, however I can say that I can't remember being this engaged and opinionated (impassioned) by a political event since the Referendum. In Obama I see the embracing of the new America - one that is not pasty white with membership in the ruling class. He is youthful, invigorated and optimistic. Even more important is his ability to stir emotion, and extract that desire in us to want and do more. To step up.

Gosh - I wish I could vote for Obama. But then again - that would mean I was American. I think I like the view from my box seat just fine after all.

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