Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More of the Same

Maybe I am just one of many fellow Canadians that woke up this morning with an election hangover. Thankfully campaigns in our country run for weeks and not months and even years. You would think that a federal election campaign could capture our attention for such a short time. Sadly however this was not so. I felt that our campaigns were lacking in focus, issues and message. I was optimistically hopeful that we would get a change -- restore our commitment to the Kyoto Accord as well as our respect in the international community.

We need a leader to inspire and unite the people. It is not enough for the party leaders to be intelligent and honourable. They must demonstrate strength and vision. We are starving for it. Leaders are individuals who people want to follow. There wasn't a single candidate on the ballot who I wanted to follow. I can only hope that the leaders within the parties rise to the top like cream in the milk bottle, and that the next time we are called to the polls we can feel as though we have true choices.

With our Canadian election behind us, I turn my attention to the American race and the presidential debate. What can I say ... I am a political junkie and would give anything to cast a vote for Barack Obama.

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