Friday, November 28, 2008

Giving Back

Tonight I find myself reflecting ... part the reason may be the night sky tonight. My hubby called me to the window to show me two of the brightest stars in sky that I ever remember witnessing. They are so bright that we speculated that maybe they were satellites or some time of stationary aircraft. A quick check on the Internet confirmed that it was Venus and Jupiter. Stars in the sky ... stars in my eyes.

The desire to give back in some meaningful way has been burning inside me for some time now. As a young mother with a career I felt the tug then - but couldn't seem to find the time nor the energy. My mother encouraged me with "all things in their time. You will have your time". Now, my time has come. As someone who has been blessed with a properous, rich, peaceful life, I want to and need to give back.

So the search begins. Where do I channel my efforts? I have so many options and interests; should I invest in the younger people and help affect a change in the early years? I am passionately interested in helping women and children recover from abuse. I also have a love affair with older people - who are truly the most interesting sector of our society. And finally, there are the people who are living out their final days ... and could use a hand to hold and a caring soul to usher them out of this earthly life as they pass to other side.

The season of giving has me wanting to give more than I get. And one thing I know for certain - volunteering is the way.

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