Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Morning After ... the Morning After

The reality and enormity of the election results is still sinking in. Funny -- on election day I spent the five hours culminating with Obama's anointment, watching the milky images on my TV through teary eyes, burning through an entire box of tissues. I was sure I was depleted of all salt and moisture. Wrong!

I spent the following day recounting memorable moments with my colleagues and then of course, my father. After work I fell back into my pre-election ritual of surfing between CNN and other news channels to absorb even more commentary on the results. Snippets of Obama's speeches as the soundtrack for slow motion images moved me to tears yet again. Images of black tear stained faces in the Chicago crowd, and video of a jubilant world ... choke hold and more tears.

A day later, I continue to be mesmerized by what is unfolding and I confess I am a little envious. I long for Canada to have a leader who inspires, who empathizes and who articulates a vision - a way forward. Stephen Lewis is that for me. Justin Trudeau may be ... in time. Until then, I am going to peek over the fence into our neighbour's yard and enjoy the festivities, and the view.

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