Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gafuffled, Bemuddled Kind of Day

I am tired tonight - and I was all day long. It was the kind of day that by 11 am I was looking for toothpicks to prop my eyelids open and visions of PJs danced in my head! Maybe it was Obama hangover, or maybe I am just emotionally spent.

It was a strange, befuddled, mucky day. Dropped threads, bent truths, emotions that ran the gamut, and odd encounters. Some days are just like that. After the euphoria of last night, the offbeat unravelling of the day was anti climatic. Call me Canadian - but I can't help feeling that our bitter cold winters played out mainly in the dim and darkness take their toll on our psyche and overall well being. I joked with our VP today when he asked how everything was going ... told him that it wasn't anything that a Caribbean vacation couldn't fix. I actually wasn't joking.

Now in these final moments before I turn in for the night, I sit by the warm fire, Fritz the schnauzer cuddled in beside me on the couch and kidlet chillin' on the other sofa and I feel peace settling in. We need this odd days to fully appreciate the better ones. Just like we need the frigids of winter to appreciate the sunshine of summers.

Life is good. I have people who love me and people to love. I have a dog, husband and kidlet to cuddle (actually she isn't as cuddly as she used to be). I have a community - a sisterhood - at work and a job about which I am passionate.
I have purpose.
I have alot.

And now that I have counted my blessings, and let the gratitude seep into my very being I am ready for rest. Thank you for yet another day - mucky and yucky, peaceful and serene.


  1. I like your perspective on life. I can just see the schnauzer curled up beside you - much like ours, giving warmth and perspective and evening out the imbalances of a chaotic day.

    Beautifully put.

  2. Lovely sentiments. It does often take the not-so-good to make us appreciate the rest. And the long, gloomy days of winter certainly do take their toll. I hope you're feeling rejuvenated.


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