Monday, February 23, 2009

Books - Shelved

Finally! My books have a home. After months and even years of having my precious books scattered about the house in random bookcases and stacked in piles in every room in the house, we finally bought a couple of bookcases and set them up in the living room. I spent the evening gleefully rounding them all up - laundry baskets full of books- and then organizing them with tender loving care. It was hard not to get sidetracked - flipping through pages, reading dust jackets and the random notes and envelopes I apparently stow between the pages. Hidden treasures. When I was a kid I had a habit of pressing 1 and 2 dollar bills in my books and I suppose old habits die hard.

I can't express the delight and enjoyment I felt tonight, surrounded by the books I love. I envision many hours spent getting reacquainted with old friends - and some new ones.

Now - nicely organized.


  1. =] This is a problem I have currently. While a good chunk of my books fit on my shelves, I still have tons that just float around my house, getting stored in random places. Even the few I chose to bring to my dorm won't fit on their assigned shelf. I really need an room dedicated to them if I want to be able to store them all together. My dad keeps suggesting I sell some of them because there are so many but I just can't bring myself to do that. I love them all. Even the ones that aren't my favorites...and even the ones that are falling apart.

  2. I've got 5 bookcases and 2 shelves, and it's still not enough! Books make interesting pillars, I find... until they fall over!


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