Monday, February 2, 2009

Momentary Vacation

Groundhog day. Wow. Can I really get excited about whether a groundhog predicts 6 more weeks of winter or not? We all know that we are in for 8 more weeks of the cold and snowy stuff - at the very least. I find my thoughts drifting ... transporting me to a tropical isle of pristine sand, sun and sea. I swear I can taste the salty, ocean breezes. If I didn't know better I'd go as far to say my hair is swelling from the humidity. And then there is that sudden craving for pineapple - and the drinks that are served in them with a nice long straw. Ahhh ... the feel of silky sand between my toes and tiny beads of sweat rolling down my skin. The sun is strong and hot; good thing my lounge is underneath the shade of a leafy palm. Almost time for a plunge in turquoise waters.

The phone is ringing and the dog is barking. Reality beckons. I am home from my momentary vacation. But you know what? I am breathing a little slower and a little deeper. I am content, peaceful, and rested. And I swear a little sun kissed!


  1. Oh my god, where was the picture taken? I have to go there!!

  2. It was taken in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) near a well known place - Virgin Gorda. Spectacular ... just what you imagine when you think of a tropical, desert island.

  3. I don't know if a momentary vacation will do....

    but it did definitely suffice for the time being.

  4. Thanks for the brief reprive :)


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