Friday, February 20, 2009

Revealed by Writing

I sit in front of my laptop, not knowing what words will emerge. I am on autopilot, making myself available for writing, and for the thoughts to materialise. I am often surprised at what comes forth. There is a deep need to express that of which I am obviously unaware.

Often when I go back and read passages and posts that I have written, it is though I am reading the words of someone unfamiliar to me. I learn much about myself.

Tonight I can feel loose threads swirling around me, not yet woven and coaxed into fabric. Perhaps this is optimism, or hope. Possibilities light dim corners and I can envision the tapestry of vibrant colour and images, soft to the touch - a work in progress.

Life is unfolding as it should ... and it is brimming with possibilities and potential. And now I am reminded of this - revealed to me by writing.

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  1. This is amazing- thank you for allowing your thoughts to guide you.


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