Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Got Mail

I got mail today!

I love getting mail - discount the bills - the old fashioned, envelope-with-a -stamp-on-it kind of mail, especially the kind that comes in coloured envelopes. In a few days I will celebrate a birthday. And today I came home to not one - but two delicious looking pieces of mail. Cards from my Dad and step mom T, and my MIH. The sight of my name handwritten on an envelope causes my heart to skip a beat and I rip into the mail feverishly. MIH's card sported a retro photo of two ladies taking a self portrait - and was sent to the shutter bug in me. She's so thoughtful. Dad and T's birthday card was nicely divided into three separate notes where each took their turn to write heartwarming sentiments. I even scored a few I love you's. Did I say I love getting mail?

I love the immediacy of email and the closeness of phone chats - but I hope snail mail never goes away. There is something special about holding a tactile, handwritten note in your hand and having the words to keep for all time -- in between pages of books, stashed in memory boxes ...

I got mail. And I got more than that -- I got gifts -- of love!


  1. Letter writing is definitely something I can appreciate right now. =]

    Happy Birthday!


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