Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dreams - In Hot Pursuit

It doesn't always just come to you ...

You can want it, smell it, taste it, feel the desire for it burning in your gut. Once the dream is internalized you have to agitate the universe, shake it up. Act. Travel towards your goal - fly if you can. See it. Fight for it. Fight hard.

When all is said and done, it's enough to have performed your very best. And whatever the outcome you will ask yourself, was the journey or the outcome the dream fulfilled?

The fulfillment of dreams has been an ongoing theme with my daughters lately. My working daughter is discovering her inner positive power and ability to influence. She was glowing with empowerment as she recounted her day and how the new attitudes have become her natural reflects. She has uncovered the secret to a happy life ... her own power.

Kidlet is in the midst of hockey try outs and is digging deep to see her dreams realized ... excavating her passion and love of the game to make it through the grueling physical and mental challenges. That - and 2 Extra Strength Tylenol!

As a mom, it warms my heart to have a "rink side" view of the "reveal" of my daughters. All three seem to have "got it" - they know how to hold their dreams close and keep them in their sights. They know how to pursue and fight for what they want.

Somehow I know they are going to get it - they'll see their dreams fulfilled. And when I watch them, I see how lucky I am to have mine come true - three times over.

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