Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Walk the Line

I had promised myself that I would make it to the gym at least three times a week (during my lunch hours). I spend my life sitting on my behind in front of a computer (just like I am right now) and if I don't occasionally stir, rigor mortis starts to set in. I am letting things get in the way of my fitness -- I could make a million excuses, but that's all they would be. My body is mad at me -in fact it is rebelling - it is losing all flexibility, elasticity and all other "abilities".

So I am trying harder to keep my commitment to myself. When I get home from work and after dinner Hubby routinely asks me "You don't feel like walking the dog, do you?". Lately I never feel like walking the dog, but I am bundling up the lethargy and parking it by the curb and making the effort to spend a few precious moments with my sweetheart and pup (and my camera).

I stand in my full length mirror searching for signs of improvement -- muffin toppers a little less topping; the personal floatation devices a little deflated; perhaps one less chin; looking only slightly with child; a little muscle definition anywhere. Looking for a sign -- any sign. Ah but it is not to be -- not yet! But I am not dismayed. I will persevere! I'll walk the line - cause those rolls are mine.

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