Monday, April 13, 2009

S'long Weekend - It's Been A Slice

It's over ... this glorious, long weekend is winding down and drawing its final breath. And it was simply wonderful. The weather cooperated with deep blue skies and golden sunshine, garnished with the perfect mix of family times and quiet down time. There was time for pondering and reflection. Time for puttering and browsing, reacquainting myself with old books, ticket stubs, theatre programs, journals, notes from my mom, locks of hair ... and other random treasures I have stored in my non-collection of cigar boxes and treasure chests. Time - a precious commodity that I have come to appreciate and cherish.

As long as I can remember Sunday nights were my least favourite of the week. I could feel the anxiety start to creep in as it signaled the end of the weekend - with Monday waiting in the wings. I have carried that dislike for Sunday nights with me to this day. And tonight - although it is not Sunday - has the same feel about it. Something else that hasn't changed from way back when -- I didn't finish my homework. Tomorrow is going to be a busy, stressful day.

But that is tomorrow. For now I will cling to the last few seconds of this holiday weekend, say a quiet prayer of thanks and hold on to this nugget of gratitude for the charmed, blessed life I live.

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