Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All Talked Out

It's a miracle ... and anyone who knows me would have a hard time believing that I am all talked out. It's true. I'm done - mum - lips are zipped! I have a reputation to uphold. Maybe it's the hours of long distance calls I've logged the past ten days (note to self to convert to cable's VOIP phone service), or the too-numerous-to-count heart to heart chats with family and friends, or the day of meetings that kicked off with business continuity and ended with the parent meeting for kidlet's hockey team ...

I never thought I'd say it -- actually I can't -- I'll write it instead -- I am sick of hearing my own voice and my voice is tired of speaking. What can I say. The house is strangely quiet and I have a funny feeling hubby isn't going to protest the silence. Heck- even the dog seems happy about it.

They better enjoy it while it lasts cause after a good night's sleep I'm pretty sure my loquaciousness will return. After all - there's always alot to talk about.

But for now -- shhhhh!

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