Monday, May 4, 2009

City Mouse

Fritz is perched on the cushion behind my head; the sound of his rhythmic breathing in my ear; his cold, moist nose pressed against my neck. He looks like I feel. We're both a little tired tonight. I wonder if he has a headache too ...

We're spent from the excitement of the wildlife adventure we had earlier. It seems that that ever-disappearing mouse poison I have been leaving in the cupboard near a gaping hole in the drywall was being consumed by ... (guess?) a mouse! Or maybe probably several. Hubby found a live one sneaking around a drawer that we keep dried foods in. He humanely captured it in a paper towel tube and released it into the wild (our back yard). As I was expressing my undying gratitude to him, I spotted movement in a clear cereal container. Then he poked his head out of the raisin bran -- Mickey Mouse Jr. I shrieked! I hate the spontaneous appearances that mice-on-the-loose make. Unexpected, unwanted surprises. Hubby wrestled the second one down -- Crocodile Rodent Hunter Hubby -- and also released it.

I hope our little friends will be happy in their new home, in the great outdoors. I didn't mean to show a lack of hospitality but then again, guests should call before visiting. And my animal hugging, fish loving hubby -- he's my hero.


  1. Aw, I'm so glad you didn't post a story about how great mouse traps are. Passing mouse traps in stores always makes me really sad. Poor little mice, they don't know any better. =[

    (You know, my opinion might change when it's my own home they're invading.)

  2. Eek! Or should that be eek, eek?


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