Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hugs n Stuff

I am weary tonight ... and thankfully tomorrow is Friday.

The phone was flashing - a message from a family member. Her tiny frail voice was full of distress and even a little desperation. She is worried about her husband and brother, both who are very ill. She doesn't have many people to turn to. A phone call is an elixir for her.

My take away from my day is that there are many people in need - all around me. Lonely people. Struggling, frightened, financially strapped, worry-burdened people. And they are all people I love. I've learned that I can't always be all things to all people, however I can listen, hug, support, agree, disagree, suggest, provide, understand, share, empathize, sympathize and above all - offer unconditional love. Maybe just not all at the same time.

Look around - your office, your family and circle of friends ... anyone hurting? Anyone need a hug?


  1. I think you do - so, ( ) There is one for you, from me, between the brackets! x

  2. I agree. You definitely deserve a hug for all the support you show everyone in your life. :) *hugs*


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