Friday, May 29, 2009

Surprise My Eyes

Look what arrived today while I was home on my day off ... an unexpected surprise!

Doorbell rings. I remove drugstore glasses from my nose, zip up my hoodie to hide my "indecent" non apparel, scoop up a frenzied Fritz into my arms and open the door.

Pleasant looking man holds out enormous bouquet of roses and blossoms as I stand gaping at him. "Who are they from??" He smiles and tells me that I'll have to read the card. We switch - he takes Fritz and I take the flowers. I take Fritz back and smile widely back at man. He nods sheepishly and then leaves, wishing me a good day. I close door with my foot and remember that I didn't remember to tip him. Now I am sheepish. Geesh.

Hubby asks who they are from ... what, they're not from you?

I rip open the cellophane and look for a card. I tear open the envelope ... my dear friend E, the budding artist, wrote something about thanks for being her sheltering tree...

See what happens when you let your friends read your blog? See what happens when you have awesome, amazing, life long friends? You get delightful surprises!

The weekend is off to a wonderful start.


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