Saturday, May 30, 2009

Take a Hike

When I awoke -- the sun was out. This called for some swift changes to the priority list and I started by cancelling cleaning, grocery shopping and laundry. After all, those plans had been made when the weather forecast called for a cool, overcast unpleasant day. I even cut my leisurely morning short so hubby and I could "make a day of it". We stole some much needed and deserved time together and headed for the country. Armed with my digital SLR, my point and shoot, long lens and hiking shoes we decided on a hike in a nearby conservation park.

First stop - quick stop off to see hubby's dad in action at work. He was on the way and we wanted to see where he spent his time. After being tempted by the latest and greatest RV's we hugged s'long and were on our way. My heart was happy.

Second stop - lunch in the village to quell my grumbling tummy. We sat on the patio soaking up the sunshine without a care in the world until hubby remembered he didn't have sunscreen on. We marvelled at how the village was busting at the seams with people on the streets ... and then saw the sign for the sidewalk sale. We browsed a bit and resisted the urge to duck into the bakery before heading off to the forest.

For the next two hours hubby and I explored the trails through the green, mossy forest that ran beside the rushing river. We chatted happily taking note of every detail - stranded dandelions, rogue moss, grotesquely shaped tree stumps and various insects. The air was fresh and damp with the promise of a thunder storm hanging heavy in the atmosphere. I snapped shot after shot and even convinced hubby to smile for me ... he likes to stay anonymous, my mystery man. He even said I could post it on my blog! Wonders never cease.

We wrung every ounce of wonderful out of the day while the weather cooperated and even enjoyed a quick drive by visit from my dad and step-mom. Happy hour.

Now, a storm is blowing through and I don't care. The day has been a good one -- packed with special moments that I will log in the cherished file. How bout you?


  1. Heard you were out-and-about 'treking' through the foothills. Made me happy to hear that and after reading your blog, leaves me with a big smile. Keep on 'hiking' TOGETHER ....


  2. Ooh, those pictures are gorgeous. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! :)


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