Thursday, June 4, 2009

All in a Day's Work

I leave my Dad alone for a day and he builds himself a pegola -- with a little help from my brother. He's like that -- he gets an idea for a project and then tackles it heart and soul until it is completed. I swear he is a thirty-five year old trapped in an older man's body.

He is a person who soaks every hour of each day of life for all its worth. He gets good mileage on his years - he stretches a day farther than anyone I know.

At 72 he walks a little slower, his joints are a little stiffer and arthritis is his constant companion. Yet he shows no signs of slowing down. He loves to have dreams, plans and projects. He's a man in motion. Wish we could bottle that.

He inspires me to live more fully and wring the most out of each day, although I admit that I don't have a fraction of his energy and drive. Case in point -- I'm writing this from the couch. I look around my place and have a feeling borderlining on overwhelmed. Think clutter and disorganization. You could write your name in the dust on my coffee table. And it doesn't help to have Fritz the hedge loving schnauzer shedding his cedar branches all over the house. So much to do and I've let things slip around here the past few weeks. But I guess that's what the weekend is for ... but not if it's sunny and hot.
If I work Dad-style I can get the place in order -- in short order. It's all in a day's work.

And Dad -- I love the pegola!

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  1. Your dad seems like quite a character. :) I wish I had that sort of energy and enthusiasm now. I agree with what you said about bottling'd be one wealthy and well-loved lady if you could do that.


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