Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fill Up My Senses

Sleepy, lazy morning - with the sun bursting through and flooding our kitchen with golden light. Finally - the most perfect of summer days. Double perfect - it is Sunday morning. I can't wait to bask in the day so I grab my coffee that hubby made me (he's adorable), slip my feet into his oversized running shoes and head outside to inspect the beauty and progress of our gardens.

The pond is alive and vibrant. The sage is bathed in purple blooms and the peonies have erupted into a fuchsia collage. I lean back in my chair, eyes closed, and breathe deeply. The sun warms my face. With every breath I take my senses are filled ... hey, just like the John Denver song ... you fill up my senses ... but I digress! I hear a bee buzzing close by. The little boy across the street is squealing as he plays with his brother. I can hear the dog across the ravine barking. A plane roars overhead - and I integrate the drone into the medley serenading me as I revel in the peace.

Sunday is one of my most favourite days, and morning - my favourite time of day. I am grateful for the moments to pause and if even for only a minute or two, fill my senses with all that surrounds me.

Now turn up the music will you ... it's my favourite John Denver tune.

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