Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hairy Scary

Age is only a number one that keeps getting fatter. Age is only in your head and on your thighs, and around your tummy. You're only as old as you feel now that one scares the heck out of me cause lately the list of aching joints and creaking bones seems to be getting longer by the day. I am pretty vocal about my comfort with getting older. Frankly it doesn't bother me at all ... I love myself more with every birthday and there is lots more of me to love. Pretty much I am happy to be alive.

But something I never expected was the upkeep involved. I consider myself a low maintenance gal ... I've never plucked my eyebrows so why start now, my nail biting precludes manicures, my hobbit feet mean I don't show them so no pedicures either, and I can be showered, hair washed and blown dry, dressed, mi,imal makeup slapped on and out the door in under 25 minutes. But then things started happening. Tiny little spider veins started appearing. The Celtic curse (rosacea) took up permanent residence on my face who needs blush! and then of course, stray white hairs started cropping up on my chin. Yikes! And you know it's a common problem cause they are showing commercials for female face razors. Sign me up!

But as always, there is the gift in adversity here ... aging hormones have replaced my bone straight, baby fine, thin hair with thicker, full bodied wavy hair. And I am just starting to get some stray grays tell that to my misguided chin hairs. So tonight, as part of my quarterly maintenance and upkeep, I spent 2 hours in the chair getting my hair highlighted and cut. And you know what? I feel great - in heart, mind, spirit!

Now tomorrow one of my dearest friends is having a birthday and she'll have the love and support of her soul sisters to usher in her milestone -- that and a few glasses of wine and a couple of seasons of Sex in the City. Now that could be scary....


  1. Wow! That was an inspiring way to look at aging. :)

  2. Lyn, I think you have a positive outlook on everything. ;) Kudos for that, and "Yay!" for treating yourself to a day at the salon. You deserve it.

    Enjoy your night out with the birthday girl! :)


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