Friday, June 19, 2009

Slumber Party

Another birthday. Another milestone. Another reason to celebrate. Adventure Girl is the youngest in our trio of Three Amigos, so we try our best to mask our envy as she slowly creeps to where we already are -- older! It doesn't help that she looks more youthful now than she did 10 years ago. Great skin!

Wine. Nachos. Fruit. Cheese. PJs -- afterall, it was a slumber party. Wine. Leave room for the pulled pork on a bun. Shouldn't have filled up on all the appetizers. Presents. Half a season of Sex in the City. Didn't remember it being so graphic. Wine. Pulled pork. Should have passed on the nachos. Cake - chocolate or vanilla? vanilla More Sex in the City. But not for all of us --Someone was already slumbering. Yup, we're definitely getting older.

Adventure Girl is marking her birthday by ... what else ... going on an adventure! She'll come home aglow and wide eyed with animated stories of people she met, and tales of her mishaps and marvels.

We've been celebrating our birthdays together - the Three Amigos - for twenty years now. We have shared it all - the best and the worst of times, and one thing has remained constant -- our enuring commitment to one another. As we toasted Adventure Girl's birthday we raised our glasses one more time -- thankful that the trio is intact ... a little older, wiser, wrinklier ... but intact.

Happy Birthday Adventure Girl.

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  1. Sounds like such a fun night - it's so nice to have such close groups of friends!


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