Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Was Lost - But Now is Found

It should have been easy. Hubby is a creative whiz and I was plotting to suck some of his genius out for myself. I had this notion of personalizing my blog to reflect my sparkling yet deep personality. It had to be special -- even a little grandiose. What can I say ... I'm turning into a little bit of a blogger diva. He sat patiently by my side as I proudly showed him the new header I had build in my Photoshop Elements program. The corners of his mouth turned up ever so slightly, wise enough not to break out into a full out laugh.

[Hubby] "As long as you like it - that's all that's important". (Translation: Yuck!)

[Me] "Well, it does need a little more work -- I was hoping you could suggest some changes - and then make them".

So he went to work customizing the rigid, Blogger template as I gently supervised over his shoulder. He mumbled under his breath as he worked to square off the corners, extend the width, etc, the whole time expounding on the pitfalls of templates and how he likes to create his own designs. Somehow between me reaching over his shoulder to open other windows and hubby previewing his changes - we SAVED the testing site and then promptly LOST the original - customized widgets and all.

Hours of lost work flashed before my eyes and hubby tried to make a quick retreat to the cave. It could've been ugly ... it could've ended badly - but it didn't. We found a fix to retrieve my original content and I found a temporary layout that suits me fine.

So for now, Lifepixels is sporting a new "do". It's not grandiose. It's not customized and is not entirely my personality - but it is fresh, green and sparkling (well, maybe it is a little like me ...)

[Almost forgot to thank hubby for letting me pick his creative brain - again. XO]

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  1. That sounds like something I would do...I'm always accidentally deleting things. I like the new look though. The green is nice. :)

    For more help customizing, try bloggerbuster.com...it's full of useful tips. Also, the easiest template to customize is the "minima" one.


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