Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Berry Good Weekend

It was a weekend of famjams - dinner with our parents. Friday night we ventured out to hubby's parents' house for a BBQ. I always look forward to our time with them - MIH (my pet name for my mom-in-law heart) is only a decade older than me so she is more like my soul-sister than anything. We share the same outlook on things and have lots to talk about. Hubby and I are always greeted by the most outgoing member of the family, Mr. Tibbs, a playful 65 pound Shar-Pei who is convinced he is a puppy. My father-in -law is a great cook - and he makes sure he has every one's favourite treats and eats. I diligently ate every morsel he served me - the BBQ's ribs, butternut squash and apples, and new baked potatoes - everything lavished with butter. Just when I had licked the plate clean - out came the cheesecake with fresh raspberries. Surprisingly I didn't explode, but the button on my waistband was undone. I always leave their home satisfied and contented.

Today my parents came over for Sunday dinner. Kidlet arrived home early afternoon and her sister was here to greet her. It made dinner all the more special. Hubby and I found a store in which we could buy local organic poultry and meat so today was the first time serving organic beef hamburgers. I was skeptical, but there was a distinct difference in taste. The atmosphere was relaxed ... we sat around the pool, Dad and I discussing his writing and vision for it, and his wife patiently listening to stories she no doubt has heard more than once. The sun was high in the clear blue sky and the only break in our conversation came when we spotted yet another plane flying overhead or guessed at the bird songs.

I actually made dessert today - mile high chocolate brownie pie. It felt good to take some care in making something special for my family. Hubby thankfully does most of the cooking so I don't often get the chance -- or make the effort.

All in all it was a very good weekend - rich in food, family, chocolate and other blessings. It was a berry good summer, sunny weekend - and for that, I am supremely grateful.

PS - My nephew is celebrating his 15th birthday today ... a wonderful young pilot in training. He is so young and yet he has a vision and dreams for his life. Hugz HBB!

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  1. Raspberry cheesecake?
    Brownie pie?

    Oh my, I'm feeling hungry now...

    Happy Birthday to your nephew! :)


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