Monday, July 13, 2009

More Ripples

My daughter Harmony called to tell me that her boss' daughter landed a job with, the organization that gives micro loans to people in impoverished communities. She graciously went on to say that because of the Kiva gift certificate I sent her (a year or two ago), and the subsequent one she gave her boss, that in some way I had something to do with this young woman fulfilling her dream. It was a stretch for sure, however it did make me smile ...

I think the point she was making is the ripple effect of a good deed. My gift to her was an invitation to participate in helping make the dream of some entrepreneur in a developing community come true. She then paid it forward to her boss. He enthusiastically embraced the concept and reality of micro loans and became an active giver and champion of the effort. He gave many gift certificates and even formed a lending group to rally loaners. As a result, his freshly university-graduated daughter applied and was accepted for a position with Kiva, working in Togo. She is elated and so is her father.

It seems that many dreams came true ... and it serves as a reminder of how a good deed can keep on giving -- its ripples being felt long after.

I am proud of Harmony for paying it forward ... and for having an interest in the human condition. She is indeed her name ... rippling Harmony.

I had another post about Kiva last January - Lending A Hand Up.


  1. This is fantastic. I'm definitely checking out this website today.


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