Wednesday, July 1, 2009

O My Canada

O Canada
Your regal national anthem strikes a chord and
my heart stirs, tears well up to overflowing.

Your infinite, diverse landscape spanning from
sea to sea to sea
embraces lush farmland, rugged hills, rushing rivers,
sweeping grasslands, pristine lakes, tundra and majestic mountains.

You are so much to so many:
A noble nation of aboriginal peoples and newcomers
pursuing an ideal of embracing - not tolerating -
all that differentiates us
as well as that which unites us.

You are not a melting pot -- but a brilliant mosaic of
culture, religion, and ethnicity.
Your empathy for and care of the weakest, poorest and sickest
is your trademark.

You are the land of the free and a beacon of hope
And proof positive that a kinder, gentler nation can
preserve that which is
precious to life and liberty.

O my Canada
I am so grateful to call you home
and proud to uphold all that which we know
to be Canadian.

Happy Canada Day.

P.S. My blogger Dad and I often seem to post about similar themes ... today is no exception. Check out his moving post - also call O Canada -- from his blog, Peering Through a Porthole.


  1. Lynda,

    Your words "Brilliant Mosaic of
    culture, religion, and ethnicity"
    stuck a chord within and got me to thinking... so I made a wish.

    It amazes me that we are capable to be our own Brilliant Mosaic as provinces, as cities, as families, as induviduals - right down to our souls. It is our choice in Canada that gives us the freedom.

    As you have written,
    Canada is the Nation, "a brilliant mosaic of culture, religion, and ethnicity" that shines brightly to others on this Earth.

    My wish:

    Wouldn't it be lovely if our Earth itself, with all its' nations, was the Brilliant Mosaic of culture, religion, @ ethnicity that glowed brightly in the Universe.

    Sadly, not in my lifetime - but I have made the wish.

  2. Re: "Sadly, not in my lifetime"
    I think that your wish is a grand one - and one that humankind is capable of fulfilling -- in our lifetime. But then again - I am planning on living for the next 50 years.

    Thanks for weighing in sister!


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