Sunday, July 12, 2009

Organically Yours

I just finished unpacking the fruits and veggies we bought today at the Organic Garage. The name describes the store perfectly -- all things organic and it's like shopping in a garage!

Hubby and I continue to make small changes to reduce the harm we do to our earth -- and our bodies. We are making a conscious effort to buy meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables that are organic and where possible, locally grown and produced.

I was raised in a community hours away from any city and meat from local farms was not only easily accessible - it was the only meat I knew until I went to college. Once or twice a year our freezer would be bulging from the side of beef, free range chickens and pork we had delivered from local farms. It was wrapped in that waxy brown paper and tied with string and tape. It all looked the same -- no fancy packaging here-- with the "cut" scrawled on each package in black oil pencil. I can remember coaxing my mother to buy the nice red meat when we were food shopping. She would tell us that it's only red because of the preservatives and chemicals they added -- that the grey colour was natural. I think we still would have preferred the packaged bacon rather than the thick slices of side bacon in our freezer. What did we know?! We were actually eating organic before there was a name for it. Now when I taste beef or chicken that has been raised locally without antibiotics I can say without reserve that it definitely tastes better.

Side note: We have been dumping our potato peelings and vegetable scraps into our composter dailiy for 10 tens years now and we have barely recouped a cup of compost for the garden. I think we have a magic composter that swallows the organic material ... just a thought.

Anyway, to be truthful, it is definitely more costly and it will be wonderful when the demand for organic produce and products drives the prices down. But then again, sometimes you get what you pay for. In this case you pay for what you don't get ... additives and other chemicals.

Now off I go to empty my compost bowl into the magic machine ...

Organically yours ... Lyn


  1. Lyn,
    It was so nice reading your story here.
    I too was raised on "real" meat and fresh food from the gardens.

    I talk about and encourage organic gardening and natural living in my blogs and on Squidoo... .

    Your blog caught my eye because I have signed all of my posts in my emails and on forums... with "Organically Yours" for years - LOL

    Great minds think alike ;)

    I hope to read more from you and I have joined your blog too.

    Organically Yours,

  2. I admire everything your family is doing to reduce your harm to the environment. Just think if every family across the globe took a few minimal steps how better off we'd be.

    Hands down eating organic taste better, but I'm with you- excited for the day when demand drives down the cost a bit. :)

    This was a great story.


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