Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Whimsy

Why do weekends pass so quickly? I'm like a kid slurping on her straw, making loud obnoxious noises to suck up every last drop.

It's been a good weekend. Hubby and I squeezed in a few good walks together, the household chores got completed and I even played hooky from blogging yesterday - just didn't want to open my laptop and get distracted.

A big part of the reason that I started blogging was to develop a daily discipline for writing. An unexpected surprise was the keen awareness of the world around me - the hyper-observation skills that I developed. I started carrying my camera with me everywhere, capturing frozen moments in time, people, animals, and scenes from my life. I seek out and find the beauty that surrounds me, the colours of the world that is mine.

So these are the gifts from blogging and the time I dedicate to it - living fully in the moment and appreciating the beauty in simplicity. I have shared a few of the scenes from my weekend.

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