Monday, August 24, 2009

Gotten Tomatoes

There they are ... lined up like little red soldiers, picked right from the vine. Green ones, pink ones, and blood red, ripe tomatoes. This is my favourite part of summer, when we reap the bounty of the growing season. Garden fresh tomatoes are the taste of summer, infused with all of the sunshine, warmth and heat of July. My dad's organic garden yields deeply coloured vegetables of gi-normous proportions (his compost is his special recipe). My tomatoes have more humble origins ... they come from a potted plant.

And the funny thing is, everything in the garden is ready at the same time - a rush and gush of fresh produce, coming faster than anyone could possibly devour it. Feast or famine. Needless to say, our window ledges are strewn with ripening tomatoes, I have been eating them like apples and including them as part of every meal and snack. Guess what? I think I have a canker - from all of those rotten tomatoes I gotten.


  1. I don't think I could grow a tomato to save my life, but yours are gorgeous! :)

  2. Garden ripened tomatoes are one of my and were one of my mom's favourite foods ... enjoy!!
    Here's her fav. recipe - slice and fry/steam in butter, when soft, cover with cheese and let it melt to a gooey, runny consistency, pour it all over toast, add salt and pepper and sit on the patio in the morning sun to enjoy it! It only tastes good with your own garden tomatoes :)


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