Thursday, August 6, 2009

Long Term Investment

He's just laying there, staring at me. He sighs heavily, his eyes - watery, full to overflowing and I swear he seems depressed. His sad, heavy eyes ask me "why?" and he succumbs to the heavy plastic cone. Today he discovered his blue bandages and started gnawing them - thus the return of the cone. I feel so cruel ... and just about now I wish he could speak English, so I could explain.

I won't lie -- when the vet handed me the bill that equated to amount I had saved for the Boston vacation I didn't end up taking - I was utterly shocked -- even speechless (unheard of for me!). But there wasn't an option -- Fritz needed the care and he is part of our family. I was just lucky (and grateful) that I actually had the money in pocket.

It got me thinking about health care and the number of times over the years that I took my children into a clinic, doctor and hospital emergency room -- without a second thought. I had no cause to pause. My babies needed care and I didn't have to check my bank balance to decide if I could afford it.

Our neighbours to the south of us do not have the same luxury. A critical illness could spell financial disaster for those without insurance or means. As an eternal optimist, I hope some form of universal health care will pass in the U.S. so that all may have access to excellent medical care.

To my American friends -- be fearless - be bold - don't be afraid to choose the "me to we" path; EACH give a little so ALL may have... it can work!

He is still staring me down -- this adorable scruffy, furbag we call Fritz -- AKA -- our long term investment.

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