Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sugar and Salt

Salt! I need it -- seek it. I rummage through cupboards and drawers with only a shred of desperation in search of something crispy and salty. Hubby reminds me of a bag of salt and vinegar kettle chips I had stashed on a shelf way up high out of Kidlet's reach. Eureka. I tear open the bag and carefully measure out only a handful (or two) of the chips into a cereal bowl. I place every chip onto my tongue and hold it in my mouth, slowly savouring and soaking up the salt. Sensing that my craving is close to being fulfilled, I make two more refill trips ...

Salt satisfied, the craving stirrings kick up again -- this time for something sugary. Back to the kitchen. I spot the leftover chocolate cake, and lift the plastic cover. I stare at the thick slice of double fudge icing adorned with flakes of shaved chocolate. I decide to give it a pass, and leave it intact -- and instead run my finger around the inside groove in the plate, collecting the icing, and putting finger to mouth - it melts. The sugary, chocolaty sweetness is like a rush of momentary ecstasy. I do this several times.

Then - as quickly as they came, my cravings desert me, leaving me feeling puffy, thirsty and satisfied. I'm done - until next month!


  1. A little of what you fancy is supposed to do you good?!

  2. Dam - I swear we are sisters!
    Just today in fact - Plain Kettle chips with a side order of carmel popcorn. mmm hiccup!

    Daughter #2


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