Saturday, August 8, 2009

Treasure Hunt

Can you tell I was rummaging again? Look what I found. I started off with the best of intentions ... to simply scan and digitize a few cherished photos to commit them to eternity. One storage box lead to another - and before I knew it, I was in full blown excavation mode. I uncovered all sorts of forgotten treasures ... notes I wrote my girls when they were teenagers; notes they wrote me; more of my mom's faded trademark lists; Kidlet's preschool artwork (artist credit for the visual on this post); and a host of expired passports, health cards and drivers' licenses. I even found the little brown envelope bearing the contents of my thin, blonde ponytail from my first haircut.

Ultimate puttering! There is something cathartic and freeing in letting go of one agenda and letting the time take us where it will. I succumbed and for a time, I lost myself in the smells of stale pages and photos and the memories that were quickly ignited with every treasure.

I started out to preserve some history and well, the treasure hunt was a whole lot more fun. Cause isn't that what nostalgia is ... remembering the past without reliving the pain.

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  1. Nothing beats a happy delving in a keepsakes box - or two!


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