Friday, September 25, 2009

Burning Brightly

Fireplace is burning and I am basking in the heat. A fire is one of the upsides of cooler weather - and cooler weather we have! As I drove home tonight and noticed the foreboding gray clouds on the horizon I couldn't help feeling grateful for the 24 straight days of perfect, glorious weather we have had. Summer gave us a September peace offering to make up for the lousy weather we had the rest of the summer. I graciously accepted it.

But now I am ready to let summer take its place in the archives of summers passed. The bold golden strokes of early fall are evident in our trees and the transformation will happen quickly. I have to remind myself to stay present and inhale and soak up every pixel of beauty and glory of autumn.

Every season I find myself declaring that "this is my favourite season", so I guess what I am really saying is that I love living in this region with its everchanging, fantastically beautiful seasons. I love the changes; I love the renewal that each transition brings, and the re-dressing of the landscape.

So tonight, the inaugural fire is burning brightly and so is my gratitude.

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  1. The fact that you can find beauty in such everyday things amazes and inspires me. I LOVE reading your blog.


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