Saturday, September 5, 2009

Eye of the Needle

I used to be able to do it effortlessly, successful often on the first try. Now I hate to admit it, I struggle to thread the needle. I turn up the light. I cut the thread to give it a nice clean edge so there's no resistance. I even don the drugstore cheater glasses. I'm fully equipped.

I squint - where the heck is the eye of the needle? I bite my lip hard as I will the needle into focus. It helps a little - but not enough. I refuse to concede to the needle. I will not be defeated!

It's hard to accept limitations, that something I could do so routinely now requires the use of an aid (those darned glasses). I've been reading labels at arms length for some time. Maybe I should be thinking about getting my eyes tested for the real deal. I've been resisting that for a while now. Not anxious for proof that something is starting to fail. What'll be next?

Right now I need the black thread in the eye of that darn needle ...
Hubby was happy to help. Lucky me ... did I mention his eyes are not as aged as mine?

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  1. very meticulously described...
    you remind me of my grand mother :)
    I m 20, a college student studying far away from my home and visit my my family not more than a couple of times in a year


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