Sunday, September 6, 2009

Good Morning!

Summer has truly been a gracious guest this weekend. She brought more than expected ... the sun has been shining relentlessly in a perfect blue sky. The air has been warm and breezy. When I awoke this morning I rolled up my blinds, eager to see if our good fortune had been extended. It was and is. So on this Sunday, on our last weekend of the summer, I am elated with happiness and lightness. My heart is singing (in perfect tune) and nothing can dampen my sunny spirits. I just had to say sing, with arms outstretched, and face aglow -- Good Morning! I wish for you all to have such a wonderful day!

And summer, with the generosity and hospitality you have shown these past few days, you have redeemed yourself; you are welcomed back any time (or maybe I should say, same time next year).

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