Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Heart Strings and Phone Lines

Just hung up from a nice long chat with my dad.  The one thing we share is a love of good conversation. I am forever being reminded by people about how much I talk -- guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Our phone chats pretty much resemble the talks we have when I drop over for a visit. We start off with the weather, which leads to global warming and the effects it is having on developing countries. This of course prompts discussion about the oppression of woman -  half of the population - around the world. Politics takes centre stage and we usually end with agreeing we are grateful to live in the country that we do. Of course all of these topics are stitched together with memories we shared and personal anecdotes. Dad's wife T is a patient women and sits good naturedly through the same tales and opinions, occasionally attempting to edge in a word here and there. When I am in one of my animated conversations with Dad (on the phone), hubby just pokes his head in once in a while with a quizzical look "what are you talking about now?"

I think he is a little bewildered how the conversation wtih Dad is the same whether I am visiting him down the road, or on the phone with him here or when he is wintering down south in the States. Dad and I have an intense need and desire to share ... and a big part of that is communication. It doesn't hurt that we both love politics and world affairs.

Sitcoms often depict a girl getting the dreaded daily call from her mother. I would kill for a call like that, and since I don't have my mother here, Dad is my go to phone friend.

And when life gets busy and a few days pass without connecting, I just have to read his blog to know what is on his mind. I feel grateful for having such an illuminated, highly evolved/ing soul in my life. Heart strings and phone lines ... keeping us connected.

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  1. My phone conversations with my mom are as clearly mapped. They start with "how was your day?"

    Next comes family news, which leads to Kyle, which leads to wedding plans, which leads to "I can't believe you're actually going to leave the country," which leads to "Mom, not again. We've been over this."

    Then we move to neutral shopping and how terrible the economy is, and whether she's going to fix up her current house or find a new place.

    Planned as it is, and annoying as she can be sometimes with the excessive worrying, I wouldn't trade it for the world. :) And if I do end up moving out of the country, I'll miss these phone calls more than anything else.

    Anyway, back to your post, it's great that you and your dad have that kind of relationship. :) You guys do seem to have a lot in common, at least from what I can see through your blogs. You often end up talking about the same things, and it's fun to hear how similar your opinions are. :)


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