Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Got One

Yup! I got one. Just like fellow blogger Fine Life Folk warned me, "It's really not advisable to have cold feet. Next thing you know, you have colds" - I caught a cold. Not sure if it was my cold feet or not - Kidlet probably brought it home with her from work or hockey camp. Maybe not, but there's no one around to pin the blame on ...

Poor me. I had to heat up my own dinner ... and hubby hogged the gravy.

So after a very long day at work suppressing sneezes and coughs, something I did very poorly, snorkng and sniffing at my desk, trying my best to milk every ounce of pity from my colleagues ... I am home, medicated and in couch potato mode.

Poor me. I could use some tender loving care ... I can't find the remote.

The upside (cause there always is one) is that it is a time for rest, revitalization and guilt free TV viewing. So my plans are to enjoy a giant mug of steaming tea, pop a couple of nighttime cold capsules and hit the sheets early AFTER I finish this post to my blog.

Poor me. My feet are cold and the blanket is on the other sofa ...

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  1. :/ Hope you feel better soon! ...curling up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate is my cold remedy. :) [Well, that and a lot of over the counter meds.]


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