Saturday, September 12, 2009

Love of the Game

Just as the autumn chill comes early, so does hockey season. I try not to be bitter- leaving the sunny fresh outdoors to head into the frigid stale air of the arena. The first games of the season are the toughest -- my body hasn't climatized to the chill yet, and I haven't yet resigned to fleece.

But Kidlet is excited and full of hockey talk - the lame calls by the ref, the unfair penalties, what they have to do to win, how much she loves the girls on the team... And that alone is enough to warm my bones.

This year is different. Kidlet can drive herself to her practices (4 times a week). She doesn't need us anymore. In fact I think she is making some pocket change driving her teammates as well. To my surprise I find myself missing those little rituals we shared.

So this beautiful Indian summer weekend finds me at the first tournament of the year, cheering Kidlet and her team on and sitting in the parking lot between games, tapping blog posts out on my BlackBerry.

It has me thinking about how many more times I will see Kidlet raise her stick in the air and jump into a group embrace when she scores, or come for a hug when she has a less than stellar game.

Time is fleeting and these are precious moments shared. So now that I am over the initial shock of the season opener, I will make it a point to absorb the moment and enjoy watching Kidlet - her love of the game - and my love for her.

Where the heck are those woolly socks??

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  1. I feel your every word. my youngest graduated in June from highschool. this whole last year was one poignant moment after another. I was grateful for the awareness we both had but at the same time it made it so hard.
    right now she is packing for college. the last of my 5 is leaving the nest.


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