Thursday, September 17, 2009

Postcard from the Universe

Today's mail brought a wonderful surprise ... a postcard of Africa. In amongst the credit card bills and the junk mail -- this beautiful golden and crimson postcard chanting "A F R I C A ". It caught my eye immediately.

A moment of pause to ponder who sent this to me -- someone from Africa? Someone visiting Africa? A travel agency? A quick flip solved the mystery. An African themed spa where I had my nails done a few years ago was sending the postcards out to former clients as a promotion.

I smiled. My spirits were not dampened. I excitedly waved it at hubby and told him that I thought this was a wonderful sign (in light of my current goal). He simply smiled that "whatever you want to believe" half smile he has. I don't care who sent it. I GOT THE MESSAGE... Africa in my hands. I placed this postcard up on our open shelf in our buffet for all to see (especially me). I am going to take that postcard with me to Kenya next summer and mail it back to myself.

Thank you Universe. Write again soon!


  1. You're a lucky girl, planning to visit Africa, getting signs from the Universe of friends, connecting with all the forces out there. I love the title of this post.

    Are you familiar with blogs about Africa? These are the ones I follow: monkeysontheroof; bordertownnotes; vanillandattila; anarealarmadillo;

    If you go to these, you'll discover more.

  2. Do you have a scientific mind? When those signs from the Universe come to me, I love it! It balances out the analytical, scientific side of my thinking.

    Balance is good :)


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