Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sure Sign?

My day got off to an early - bur roaring start. I was ready ten minutes early, and at 6:15 AM, every minute counts. I lingered a little longer packing my lunch and even checked my email before leaving. bonus. A quick check to make sure I had everything -- why can't I shake the feeling I am forgetting something.  I picked up my eldest daughter along the way and dropped her off at her office. It's always a nice ten minutes to catch up and stay in touch.

As she was getting out of my car, she caught her foot in the door and tore a ginormous hole in her stocking. I of course burst out laughing and despite the destruction of her pantyhose, she laughed too. I laughed too quickly. As I pulled away and checked my rear view mirror - I could see my freshly scrubbed face in all of its natural beauty staring back at me. I had left the house without so much as a lick of mascara. My red rosacea kissed skin blazed brightly and I couldn't find my eyes. Quite frankly -- I looked like I had the flu. I burst out laughing and chuckled all the way to work.

The first thing I did when I got to work was revisit that checklist of Alzheimer's symptons. Left me wondering if it is dementia -- or a just sure sign I am getting older and/or forgetful.

But I didn't forget to laugh!


  1. No wonder you were ready so early! Great post for No 301. I'm nowhere near that many posts, but loving it just as much :)

  2. Are you sure this didn't happen Monday? It sure sounds like a classic one to me... ;)

  3. 300 you say.Wonderful ability to keep with the project. The other day I reread some of yours and had a good perspective of your mental awareness. You as amazing in your insight. Keep it up and someday you will have a thousand.polar bear


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