Monday, September 28, 2009

Travel Ravel

For some white knuckle flyers (who shall remain nameless hubby) getting on a plane is a stressful event. I love it! When I get on a plane, I get instant excitement - a feeling that I am going someplace. My trip to Saint John, New Brunswick was a business trip but I was still excited to go someplace new.

Being a domestic flight, I didn't expect security at the airport to be so stringent. For the first time ever in all my years of travel I set the metal detector off. I was practically strip searched on the spot and they didn't seem to think my joke about my metal breast implants was funny. After clearing that hurdle, they sequestered me with my bag to a special area for another search. It's only in times like that that you notice just how many tampons you have tucked away in virtually every zipped pocket of the bag. They were fascinated by the mini computer that my daughter lent me to use so I could blog from  afar. Oh well - can't complain about due diligence when it comes to security.

You know you are getting on a small plane when the signs to the gate have arrows pointing down on them. With each escalator I descended, I wondered just how small the plane was ...  So we pretty much walked out the door, across the tarmac to the plane. Then up a few steps and voila! I found my seat - and a prime one it was - at the very last row of the plane, aisle seat of course, so I could conveniently  open the door of the lavatory without getting up. Actually I must have been suffering from lack of fresh air cause I started giggling at the absurdity of it all and couldn't get a grip on it ...

Remember the days when they would come with the refreshment cart and actually give you refreshments? I got a 4 ounce thimble of coffee - barely bigger than the creamer they offered with it. Too funny!

With all of the whining about the small plane, I actually enjoy them. Firstly, you see things nice and close and I figure if  we had to, we could put the plane down anywhere. I also like the sensation of flying, which you get so much better in a smaller craft.

As we landed, I had a bird's eye view of the autumn splendour - the colours are so much more vibrant and fall is further along out here than at home. I even had a few moments to duck down to the warf to smell the sea and feel the mist (ask my swelling hair!). 

I'll be heading home soon but this little travel dabble was a wonderful gift. Stay tuned.

Prime (arm's length) access to the loo!

A drop of cafe ole!

A wing and a prayer!


  1. I seem to always get singled out too. My husband says I must fit some kind of profile.
    You really are RIGHT next to the bathroom!
    safe travels~

  2. Hello Lyn! I stumbled upon your blog 2 days ago while trying to find info on Canada- hoping to move there (from South Africa) in the next few years. Thank you for making me appreciate my country- interesting to see the African continent through another persons eyes. I LOVE your blog, its so great, you make the most simple things into such an adventure!!! :-)


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