Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Free to Be

Here is why I love Obama ... if for no other reason than that his words lift us up, inspire and challenge humankind while offering a promise of hope for a kinder, more accepting, welcoming, inclusive society. The clip below is of a speech he delivered to a Gay Rights Group [Human Rights Campaign] October 10th.

By the middle of the address I could feel the tears. I could only think of the children and adults alike who are trapped by their secrets and their fear of rejection and ridicule, sadly, often by those who should love them most. How inspiring it must be for them to hear the President of  the United States passionately appealing to his people to create a society that is more just and inclusive. Hope is rekindled and the fires of equality are fanned.

People must be free to be themselves and live and love authentically. It seems archaic that in this day in age, in North America,  people must still struggle for the most basic of equal rights -- including the right to marry. I am an eternal optimist, and I believe that there will come a day soon, when the shackles of bigotry will be broken and all shall be free - to be.

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