Thursday, October 29, 2009

No Disguising Happiness

Halloween is almost here. The neighbourhood is draped in gauzy spider webs, carved pumpkins are set on the stoops and witches and goblins blow in the breeze from tree branches. Everywhere except at our place ... I just haven't gotten around to decorating so our house is pretty much devoid of Halloween.

Kidlet burst through the door tonight from work full of excitement. She was finally going to make it to her first ever school dance. No hockey, no other commitments, nothing to stand in the way of her budding social life. And the best part was that it was a Halloween dance. She got ready and into her Pebbles get-up in minutes and then door bell rang. Her two friends arrived to get into costume too and the giggle-snicker factor was off the charts. I wasn't expecting company so I was in my Hugh Hefner striped silk PJs - a great source of amusement for Kidlet as I attached her costume with duct tape. Giggles and smiles.

How refreshing to hear the flushed excitement for Halloween fill this house again. I managed to snap a shot of the trio before they left for the dance despite Kidlet's protests ... it's not the prom Mom.

And as they walked out the door I couldn't help remembering the five year old Pocahontas that bounced out that door, plastic pumpkin in hand in what seems like just yesterday. And it made me wonder how many more of times I would watch her get ready for parties and dances.

I decided to pocket this little memory and label it cherished.

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  1. Aww so cute! It's always so fun to see kids get all dressed up and excited for Halloween. This is my niece's first Halloween and my sister and I are super excited about how cute she's going to look.


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