Sunday, October 18, 2009

Post Notes

The weekend seemed to fly by as so often is the case. I had homework which I just completed ... I think I was channeling Kidlet. All of last week she was withdrawn, intensely struggling, juggling the myriad of responsibilities and activities she has taken on. And she insisted on going it alone. My words were of little comfort; my offers of help shunned. Shut out. That's what I was.

On Saturday when we talked the relief in her voice was evident. She had taken matters into her own hands and sought help. She now has a plan, the resources and the desire to work it. She has alot riding on this final year of school and we both know it.

She needs no reminders and apparently not my help. As she so earnestly told me, she had to solve it on her own. And she did.

But I am not wandering far, and I'm still here should she ever need me ...


  1. Hang in there Mama, that's what we do! Your daughter sounds like a smart girl with her prioritys in order, see? she's doing it. Oh I miss mine.

  2. She'll appreciate it one day, even more than she does right now, your being there for her. I know I appreciate my mother's similar attitude.


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