Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spooky Day

There's never been a better day to be a witch - and get away with it! Happy Halloween to all.

Can't tell what has me more excited:
  • Halloween,
  • turning the clock back and gaining one full hour, or
  • celebrating Harmony's special day with her.
Guess I have at least three reasons to be happy and grateful. I know there are a million more but these three come to mind ... now where did I park that broom of mine?!


  1. You have such a terrific sense of humor!!! Happy Halloween, "Fall Back," and is it birthday for Harmony? Enjoy!!! Love to you, my dear friend~Janine XO

    P.S. Love these pumpkins! Such a fun foto!!! ;-)

  2. Hi Lyn, just been catching up on your last few posts! Great pics of Pebbles and the gang. Much food for thought in your Autumnal musings, and my thoughts go out to that 15 year old girl, too..


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