Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thanksgiving FamJam

The food is wrapped and put away. The wishbone is drying on the window sill, the dishes are done, and our house has returned to its semi quiet state. Another Thanksgiving dinner has come and gone - and it was one for the memory book.

In addition to our entire family (except far away sister and her family who couldn't make it), we invited the grandparents of my oldest two girls to dinner. They happily accepted and bravely joined the chaos which is our traditional famjam.

I woke up with a nasty cold leaving hubby to prepare the meal. (Really - no excuse.)  He seemed happy to have his alone time in the kitchen - that is until he had to try to peel the rutabagas (he hates that they are so hard to peel,  the way they smell when they are cooking, as well as the way they taste). He basted the turkey religiously every half hour and coaxed it to a rich brown colour. Dad called the liver (not that anyone else was after it) and had it devoured before dinner!

Then the house gradually filled with the people I love and the number of conversations multiplied - and with that, the room got louder. Looking around the room at the animated, laughing faces, I was reminded of the number of people I have in my life who are so very important to me.

So in closing, I am going to list just a few more gratitudes ...

I am thankful that I was raised by wonderful, loving parents, and that I still have my father with me.
I am thankful for the love in my life - the love given and received.
I am grateful ... pretty much all of the time.

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