Monday, November 9, 2009

Booty Boost

First there was the Bump-it to boost flat hair. And of course there is the push up bra to collect any bits of flesh on our front and redirect it to our chest in the  offchance that we want cleavage. Now there is the booty-pop to plump and enhance our backside. For the record - I am not in need of any of the above ... (almost wish I was). We had a giggle over the latest craze in my office and my colleagure graciously offered to model the Pepto Bismol pink panties.

Honestly, if there is any value in these gadgets, it's the laugh factor. We split a gut over these things. Can you believe that someone would actually buy them? I suggested to my petite little friend (shown in these photos) that perhaps the boot-pop would come in handy in her roller derby practices. Good way to cushion a fall.

A few months back I wrote a post on the Bump-it hair accessory ... a whimsical little ditty on a trivial little product. It is my most viewed post ever. Go figure.

Bump it up! Boost your Booty! It sounds like a rally cheer. I'm not sure if your hair will be fuller or if your booty will look boosted. But I guarantee that they will make you smile. And we can always use a smile.


  1. What women do to look sexy, amazes me. I can see it serving it's purpose for a woman with a completely flat butt though. It must get hot with one of those on.

  2. I could totally use a booty booster - I have the flattest booty in the world. However, I think I'd be even more depressed when I had to take it off! I'd prefer to work my booty muscles instead...although that's not happening. At least my novio is happy with my booty the way it is!


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