Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Five Signs That Christmas is On the Way

Sure signs that Christmas is on the way ...egads  in a month:
  • the Tim Hortons cups are decked out in Christmas finery a sure sign if there ever was one
  • I haven't started my Christmas shopping despite my best intentions I must be comfortable in that wild eyed, frantic frenzied state of last minute shopper.
  • our outside Christmas lights aren't up yet where the heck did we store them last year?
  • but some people's are neighbourhood show off
  • a happy little tickle is forming in the part of my tummy where excitement lives
I just had to write something about Christmas ... cause I love it so - and I have to figure out a way to squeeze all of that anticipation and excitement into four short weeks. Stay tuned to be inundated ... *merry merry*


  1. It seems like the Christmas season starts earlier and earlier every year doesn't it? We put our lights up this weekend ;)

  2. The christmas decorations are starting to appear in downtown: wreaths and greenery and lights. :) It's very much putting me in the Christmas spirit.


  3. Tis the season to be jolly! Fa la la la la .......... (No outside decorations yet, but the tree is up and lit!) I LOVE THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!!

  4. I love Christmas too! Our lights are up, but the rule in this house says they don't go 'on' until December 1!! Same with the tree and decorations - all boxes are down and at the ready ... to be opened and put up for December 1. It all comes down again on January 1.


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