Saturday, November 28, 2009

LIfelong friendship

I wish everyone could have one -- a lifelong friend. A friend who has known you since you were a child; one who is keeper of your history; who has shared life's milestones with you. Someone who has borne witness to your loves and losses; shared your joys; and helped navigate through treacherous waters. That special person who you have experienced the depths of despair with -- who has been your angel and light - and you their's - in times of darkness.

I wish for everyone what I have -- a lifelong friend. And today is her birthday. Fate delivered us to one another and the universe has worked hard to keep us forever bound.

We have celebrated 37 birthdays together .. as little girls we dreamed of writing together, rooming together and standing in one another's weddings. We dreamed of having little girls (just like us) and being friends as old women. If we both make it to "old" then we'll have the list completed.

She is more than my friend - she is a part of my very being and possesses a piece of my "complete".

And so my friend who I love so dearly  - happy, happy birthday. My greatest wish is that we grow old together to swap medical mysteries and share seniors' discounts.

I've written more about J here.


  1. So true Lyn. We are blessedly and forever bound by something deeper and more mysterious than friendship. Kind of freaks me out, now that I think of it...

  2. What a lovely way to send b-day wishes to your friend.


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