Thursday, November 26, 2009

Motown Face Off

Kidlet and I are taking a road trip. Look out Motown - here we come - an invasion of crazy Canucks weasling in on the American Thanksgiving. The closest I've ever been to Detroit was from across the river in Windsor...

So we're throwing Kidlet's newly sanitized, sterilized and aerated hockey equipment into Benzie (with a few cans of Fabreez for good measure) and heading to America. It will be four days of alone time with Kidlet - kind of - in between hockey games and team dinners ... and if I can convince her to take her ipod earbuds out. I think if I agree to listen to the soundtrack of every High School Musical movie I may be in business.

So if you are a hockey fan, and are watching the Detroit game Saturday night ... and you see a giant maple leaf waving frantically from a box, it'll be me! 

To all of our American friends, we hope you have someone special to spend Thanksgiving with ... and that your holiday is memorable. Just try not to gobble gobble too much - or you'll end up stuffed instead of the turkey!

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  1. Oh, I hope you have a fabulous time, Lyn!!!! So thankful for YOU!!!! Love you, Janine XO


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