Friday, November 27, 2009

Party in the USA - Not

You would never know it is the infamous Black Friday - not from where I sit -  in my Detroit hotel room. laptop propped on my knees as Kidlet works on her essay. Canadians don't have this crazy busy shopping day so here I am, in the big ole USA, perfectly poised to pounce all over shopping deals. And yet I choose not to. Frankly I am afraid of the mobs; I am too impatient to wait to buy; there is nothing I need or want THAT much; not to mention I really do not enjoy shopping.

On the way to the arena at 7:30 this morning we could see malls packed chock full of cars. For once I felt like the lucky one - opting for an early morn cold seat rinkside vs a cold long line in front of Walmart or Target. Several of the girls on the hockey team had to hitch rides with other parents bacause their mothers had been out all night shopping. I admire their stamina!

So to all of you who endure the ritual (I think my Pops is included in that group) I take my hat off to you. But for me and Kidlet, this will just be another quiet Friday - no Blackness here - biding our time and enjoying the togetherness. On second thought, it could turn dark!  *smile*

Have a great weekend everyone.

Signing off from Motown


  1. AhHa! We share another commonality - I don't like shopping either :)

  2. I hate shopping...and am so thankful for the internet as it has saved me the trouble of leaving my home to make necessary purchases! Black Friday? Just say "no." LOL...Glad you are having such a special time together! Love to you~Janine XO


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